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Turning up the heat on Sheffield

Press Release:  23rd March 2013

Turning up the heat on Sheffield - Voters get the chance to ask their energy questions

Sheffield residents braved the adverse weather conditions to attend a public meeting at The Circle on Rockingham Lane yesterday evening. They were invited to put questions to Clive Betts MP (Labour), Cllr Joe Otten (LibDem) and a panel of speakers, Simon Bowens (Friends of the Earth), Craig Jackson (SYHA LiveGreen) and Emma Bridge (Sheffield Renewables), about rocketing fuel bills, green jobs and climate change.

The event, on the theme of ‘Energy we can all afford’, was organised by Sheffield Friends of the Earth in collaboration with Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change.  It comes as MPs debate the Energy Bill in Parliament to determine how the UK sources its electricity for the next generation – as households feel the pinch of winter energy bills.

Maureen from Sheffield Friends of the Earth said: “Increasing costly fossil fuels and poorly insulated homes in Sheffield are driving climate change and making it harder for people to afford fuel bills – but there is an alternative.

“The Government should switch the UK to clean British energy from our wind, sun and waves, and use money raised from carbon taxes to better insulate our homes – this will stabilise bills and create new jobs across South Yorkshire.

“Clive Betts has agreed to back an amendment to the Energy Bill so that it includes a target to clean up our electricity by 2030 – this will give renewable energy firms the confidence to invest.  We also need Nick Clegg to back this amendment in line with Liberal Democrat policy.”

Jenny Patient and Lauren Dixon of Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change very ably chaired the meeting.

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Contact details:

Maureen Edwards
Coordinator of Sheffield Friends of the Earth
4 Rainbow Way, Sheffield S12 4BJ
Tel: 0114 2511764
Mobile: 0750 239 7110

Simon Bowens (Friends of the Earth), Craig Jackson (SYHA LiveGreen), Cllr Joe Otten (LibDem), Clive Betts MP (Labour) and Emma Bridge (Sheffield Renewables)

Craig Jackson (SYHA LiveGreen), Cllr Joe Otten (LibDem), Clive Betts MP (Labour) and Jenny Patient (Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change) 

Cllr Joe Otten (LibDem) and Clive Betts MP

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